Pivotal Associates

Piper French headshotv2Piper French offers experience as a coach and an organizational consultant with over 20 years of professional knowledge in leading individuals, teams and organizations through times of transition and change.

Piper guides her clients as they navigate the challenging hurdles that can stand in the way of results. She acts as catalyst for decision making, vision setting and taking action, empowering her clients to move forward so they achieve their desired goals and aspirations.

Piper is certified in the Leadership Circle 360-feedback Profile, Leadership Circle Manager Profile, Culture Assessment and DISC Behavioral Assessment. She also holds an M.B.A. in Strategic Management from Peter F. Drucker’s Management Center at Claremont Graduate University, as well as a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Singel_Kevin 2012 May smallKevin Singel builds on a 30+ year career in consulting and industry, leading geographically distributed teams of up to 2,000 people. In the later years of his consulting career, Kevin led teams delivering services globally to clients in a wide variety of industries ranging from financial services to medical devices to information technology hardware/software manufacturers. In these roles he lived and worked in several different countries.

This work helped Kevin build deep expertise in leading and motivating executives and teams virtually. Working from home for years at a time, or working at a client HQ while his staff were elsewhere, he built a passion for building virtual connections, mentoring remotely and guiding others in excelling via remote collaboration. Through responsibility for client service and his direct relationship work with senior executives, Kevin gained a deep appreciation for the skills and attitudes needed to anticipate and address the strategic and operational needs of his clients. Realizing his greatest joy came from mentoring others; Kevin’s transition to Pivotal Consulting was a natural move.

Kevin now focuses on working with select executives at multiple levels:

  • Organizational design and focusing – Dramatically improving team performance and delivery of business goals. Metrics design, goals setting, and the deeper work of clarifying why the work matters to all stakeholders are addressed to drive success at every level.
  • Virtual & distributed team leadership – Accelerating a leader’s ability to guide, inspire and build an effective team from staff based in a variety of locations. Strategies for building connection, commitment and productivity across time zones and continents.
  • Executive career coaching – Guiding experienced executives through career transitions and progressions. Helping executives focus on what to prioritize in their life and work to achieve their deepest goals. Expertise in executive communication is leveraged to help leaders improve their ability to pitch an idea, tell a story or simply be crisper in daily meetings.

From challenges as simple as hitting this quarter’s numbers, to those as complex as setting annual organizational milestones, or redefining an executive’s life goals, Kevin has a unique ability to put complex situations and people into clear perspective.