Group Leadership Program

1132864168-12631Participants engage in a series of small-group coaching sessions with other professionals over several months. During these group sessions, participants receive professional coaching on personally identified areas that prove to be essential for their growth as a leader.

This program is unique from other leadership development trainings because of the addition of group process. Past participants say there is high value in the combination of listening to their colleagues and working with a professional coach.

Program features include:

  • Sessions can be conducted in person or virtual
  • Participants determine what they want to talk about, choosing from a variety of current leadership topics provided by Pivotal
  • Topics range from defining personal strengths and values, to delivering effective communications, managing conflict, defining good culture fit, and understanding both cultural and generational differences
  • Participants have a private 1:1 session with a Pivotal coach
  • Introduces personal leadership model