Heide has coached many leaders at Accenture towards their success.  Here are what some have said:

She’s been a great coach – very effective at asking questions that help me explore my own goals, strengths and desired outcomes. She helps me come to my own conclusions.  She’s stretched me to go beyond what I thought I was capable of.”

“There have been several “aha” moments, and sharing viewpoints with my colleagues has been valuable. My coach quickly built an environment of trust between us.”

“This program was definitely the highlight and the most impactful part of the whole developmental program, and also in my whole life.”

“The learnings have been practical, and tools simple enough to deploy within our teams.”

“These sessions have had an impact on both me and my team. I now have good learnings on what drives my style.”

“Pivotal Consulting is able to bring to life the soft skills. Our coach is very personable and you literally feel you have a life coach or mentor that would journey with you to bring you to your next best potential level. In these 5 months, I felt like I have moved up notches in understanding myself, my bosses, and my team members.” 

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